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One Important Question:

If We Gave You A Handful Of Websites
To Make $2,079+ Profit Per Week…

And If You Got Buyers Arriving At Your Sites
From Us Doing The Marketing For You…

… Do You Think You Could Stick To That Process?

Because since 2014, we and our students have quietly been raking in profits from a few hundred dollars, to $2,079+/week or more… using the complete underground system you’re about to see.

Our Proven Method For Making $2,079+/Week Profits Can Now Be Done
Even As A Complete Beginner… Nothing Like This Has Ever Been Done Before.

If you’re wondering “why would you do the marketing for me?” or have any other questions… you’re in the right place. Everything is on this page, so read on… starting with an important notice.

The 2x Hottest Online Trends Of 2019 – And Why They’ll
Almost Certainly Fail To Make You $2,079+ Per Week…

Anyone who wants to make a profit online, needs people to see their websites, offers… or anything else they choose to promote. They need traffic. Traffic = Profit.

You might also know... getting enough traffic to make a good profit is hard.

Especially when the 'hot traffic method’ keeps changing every few years months.

Right now, it's Facebook Ads, which is slowly giving way to YouTube Ads.

They can be great traffic sources, they make some people a lot of money.

But for every success story, there are about 99 stories of failure, frustration and heartache.

For example, one very smart guy we know, spent his entire $3,000 bonus on Facebook Ads (plus a little more). He got around 2,000 people to click his ads and submit their email address…

Want to know how much he made with that list of 2,000 people? One sale, for $24…

Most People Haven’t Made Any Money At All Doing This – Because:

  • Their Advertising Accounts Keep Getting Shut Down
  • They Can’t Get Their Ads Approved
  • “Cost Per Lead” Is Going Through The Roof
  • People Are Growing Blind To ‘Most’ Online Ads (With One Exception, Which We Still Use)
  • Profit Margins Are Getting Tighter
  • Competition Is Increasing
  • Conversion Rates To Sales Are Falling
  • You Start From Scratch With Every New Ad Campaign

Millions Of People Struggle To Make A Profit With Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads,
Google AdWords, SEO – Because They’re Playing An Unwinnable Game…

What's happening with Facebook Ads now, will happen to YouTube Ads soon.

It’s the same thing that happened with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a few years ago – and Google AdWords before that.

It becomes too difficult to enter; and too slow or expensive to make a profit.

The big money is made by a small handful of people. They usually don’t like sharing.

Meanwhile, Our Students Quietly Make $2,079+/Week
By Doing Something Completely Different…

When you can drive traffic, you can make a profit.

When you don’t rely on getting ‘permission’ from a billion dollar corporation to get traffic, things get much easier.

When you can do things in such a way, those companies actually WANT YOU to drive traffic the way you do… everything changes.

You’re about to see what we do to fuel our businesses with people who want to buy the offers we promote… first though, keep the following in mind… it might explain something important to you.

Then you can have something simple working for you like this…

With The Right Traffic – Just A Handful Of Simple Sites Can Generate
$2,079 Profit Per Week For You – Even As A Total Beginner!

What The Gurus Tell You About Getting Traffic
Isn’t Necessarily “Wrong” – They Just Lost Touch…

First off… we aren’t into ‘guru-bashing’; it’s a cheap trick to get people worked up.

The following is real advice from our combined 25+ years of hardcore business experience.

So pay close attention now…

Most ‘big names’ aren’t just trying to rip people off – AND – getting traffic isn’t that complicated.

Now hold on for a second! We’re going to explain that real quick…

If you speak to the average person on the street, they can usually guess how to get traffic.

Almost on instinct, they realize…

When it comes to online business, you need to be everywhere.

The more places you (or the offer you're promoting) can be seen… the more people have the potential to buy.

So the more potential YOU have to make money.

Pretty simple.

It’s no surprise then… nearly all the ‘big names’ tell you more or less the same thing.

So The Question Is…

If Getting Traffic Is So Simple, Why Isn’t Everyone
Making $2,079+ Per Week? Well…

At some point; a lot of the big guys reach a point in their business, where it’s easy to lose touch.

And guess what? Many of them lost touch.

They give good ‘high level’ advice, but it doesn’t work out in the REAL world, for REAL people.

Here’s What Usually Happens – Maybe It Already Happened To You…

FIRST you choose ONE offer to promote and focus on ONE traffic channel…

THEN you look for some ‘expert advice’ and get told e.g. Blogging is the way to go…

THEN they tell you – you need to do Video as well…

THEN they tell you – you need to do Podcasts as well…

THEN they tell you – you need to get on Big News Sites as well…

THEN they tell you – you need to get some PDFs out there as well…

THEN they tell you – you need to leverage Social Media as well…

AND FINALLY – You Realize The Most Horrible Truth Of All…

… There Just Aren’t Enough Hours In The Day To Create All These
Blog Posts, Articles, Videos, Podcasts, Slides, PDFs Alone!

Even so… the more places you, or your offer, get seen – the more people can potentially buy it.

So YES, it’s great to have blog posts, news articles, videos, podcasts, PDFs, social media and everything else working for you… BUT…

Here’s where the big guys completely lost touch…

Most People Don’t Have $10,000’s To Spend On A
Full-Time Marketing Team, Like They Have!

It all works for them because they can AFFORD to be seen everywhere!

They can afford to get other people doing most of it for them… (sometimes, all of it!)

So where does that leave a person who’s just getting started?

Where does it leave REAL people?

Where does it leave a complete beginner?

Where does it leave someone with a business already, who wants and needs it to grow?

And What Happens If…

… you’re not a writer?

… you can’t afford expensive video equipment?

… you don’t want to appear on camera?

… you don’t want to use your own voice?

… you work a full-time job?

Are you stuck? No traffic for you? No profit either?

Well… yes, that’s usually the case.

That’s why almost nobody is making $2,079/week online, or anything close.

Which is why we decided to change things.

Sounds Too Good To Be True? Well Here’s How Chris Munch
Made His First $2,079+/Week & Why You Should Never Try It!

If you ask anybody about Chris Munch, they’ll usually say “he does things a little differently”.

And thankfully so – because now you can do (a better version of) what he did, escaping the same traps everybody else gets led into. Here’s how it started…

Around 2006, he finished college and tried to start a business online.

No surprise; it didn’t go to plan and he had to take work… blogging for AOL (remember them?)

The job didn’t pay much, but he learned A LOT about getting traffic.

He started applying and improving on those methods for his own business.

After a few weeks he was attracting thousands of people to his sites and offers, each day.

Using A ‘Bare Bones’ Version Of The Method We Use Today – Chris Was
Attracting Tens Of Thousands Of People Per Day To His Sites & Offers…

Chris even pulled over 50,000+ visitors with a single campaign… and saw his first $1,000 day.

That was a big day. It didn’t last, but…

After a few weeks, he WAS making a consistent $1,000/mo…

Then a couple months later; a steady $10,000/mo

So while other people spun their wheels with paid advertising and search engine optimization…

Within a few months of starting, Chris had a 6-Figure business.

All because of an underground traffic method almost nobody knows about – even today.

We call it; Amplification.

The only trouble… it would take about 14+ hours per day to do it!

That’s no way to live…

$2,079+ Weeks Become Possible When You Can Get
14 Hours Of Marketing Done With Just Minutes Of Effort

Over the next few years, Chris developed tools and software to take some of the work off his shoulders… and put an end to those 14+ hour days.

He started sharing these tools and methods with others.

They found similar success.

We started crowd-sourcing ways to make the method even better and more powerful.

We and our students started getting bigger results, with less effort.

Hundreds Of Dollars In 24 Hours With As Minimal Effort Humanly Possible...

We kept improving & automating The Amplification Method, developing the tools, until…

Our students were making $2,079+ per week as well – living an authentic “4 hour work week”.

Because every time they used the method, it STACKED on their results from before.

So nobody ever started from scratch – they KEPT STACKING their results, bigger and bigger.

Today, we’ve reached a point where…

It’s finally possible to get 14 hours of marketing done with just a few minutes effort.

This is what we recommend you do instead, if you want to hit $2,079+ per week in profit… with the freedom to actually enjoy it.

So the question on your mind right now, might be…

Can Anyone Make $2,079+ Per Week Using The Amplification Traffic Method?


We know this works and so do our students – we’re certain it would work for you too.

Our successful students came from all walks of life.

Our Student ‘Test Pilots’ Came From All Walks Of Life – And Were
Able To Change Their Lives Using Our “Amplification” Method…

We work really closely with our students and listen to their stories.

Read a few of their stories here and see if it resonates with you – and why you’re here now.

(The names have been changed, but these are REAL people with a REAL “WHY” to drive them)

We Know This Is Going To Work For People Like…

Who’s sick of being on call all the time and wants freedom from
corporate control, so he can live life on his own terms

A single mom trying to provide a comfortable living for
her kids, because their deadbeat Dad refuses to.

Who wants to give his son the best start in life and a great
education, so wants to pay for him to go to private school.

A young father who speaks English as a second language, and
wants to provide a good life for his new wife and child.

Who wants to buy a second home in Spain so he can vacation
at will and always have a place just to escape to.

Who’s coming up to retirement and wants to move to Jamaica, so she
can enjoy the sun, sand, music and laughter with peace of mind.

Who wants to become the sole bread-winner of his family and replace his
wife’s income, so she can stop work and they can both retire early.

A college student who doesn’t want to be saddled with debt,
or be forced to rush straight into a career after graduation.

Who just wants to get by, without the worry of bills
every month and finally get a good night’s sleep.

A great man who wants to retire comfortably and
live his golden years fully, and with dignity.

And Remember…

This is something you can do part time and at your own pace.

This is something you can do in your free time, around your job, in the evenings or on weekends.

This is something you can do from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection.

Making $2,079+ Each Week Gets You Away From Monthly Worries Like Bills And
Mortgage Payments & Moves You Towards The Things You Want In Your Life…

A Quick Word! The Most Important Thing To Your Success (Without This There’s An 87% Chance You’ll Fail…)

The examples above are real examples, taken from some of the people we’ve helped.

Every single one of them has a strong REASON WHY… as in…

Why are you even reading this now?

Why would you want to make $2,079 each week?

For Example:

  • For someone who barely sees their kids – replacing your salary and quitting your day job means you can work less and see them more, so you can take a bigger part in their lives.
  • For someone who wants to travel – you’ll have the freedom and opportunity to go wherever you want, whenever you want, to do whatever you want.
  • For someone who works a 9-5 and LOVES their job – doing this as a side hustle in the evening can bring you perfect peace of mind, while still doing what you love.
  • For someone who cares about their health and wants to eat fresh and organic – those prices can mount up, so now you can easily afford to nourish yourself the way you want.
  • For someone whose health may be in trouble – less stress, better food, more freedom, the money to pay for an expert opinion or a treatment can make a world of difference.
  • For someone looking to find love – having freedom, plenty of disposable income and making a living doing something cool makes for some great date conversation!
  • For someone who wants to change the world – you’ll need some funding behind you and this way, you’ll never have to answer to any sneaky ‘venture capitalists’…

Look, your REASON WHY completely and uniquely belongs to you.

There is no good or bad reason why…

Your “Reason Why” only has to be strong enough, you can actually FEEL IT – RIGHT NOW!

At that point, all you need is the right method and the right tools to bring it all together.

You can then focus that energy and create the life you deserve; a life of your own design.

Perhaps you’ll accomplish some of the things our other students have done…

Some Results From Some Of My Student “Test Pilots”…

My group of ‘Test Pilots’ continue to use the Amplification method and our simple 2-Step Process.

They tend to make bigger profits the more they do this.

But even as they were just getting started, as beginners to the method…

Even with an earlier version of the method…

And even with something about 20-25% as powerful as what we have today…

They Were Able To Make “Amplification” Profits Like This:

$4,191.00 In 15 Days & Just Getting Started…

Denker S. – Went On To Generate Over $200,000+ In 9 Months…

$42,481.37 Per Month Rate Hit Within 6 Weeks…

Brent G. – Continued To Enjoy A Record-Breaking Earnings Year…

$107,229.94 In 11 Months As A Side Hustle…

Adam J. – Averaged One Campaign Per Month To Hit His $107,229+
And Put In A Total Of Just 15 Hours Effort To Make It Happen…

$136,801.36 In 365 Days Providing For His Family…

Justin W. – Promised Himself & His Family He’d Make It Work
And Stacked His Profits To Over $2,079 Per Week...

So, How Long Does It Take To Hit
$2,079/Week With “Amplification”…?

The truth is, it’s different for everybody…

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Justin made $2,999 in 7 days, and kept building from there…
  • Adam made $150 on his first day, made nothing for a week, then things exploded…
  • Greg got to $3,573/mo within 30 days…
  • Sandra started making $1,500/mo within 19 days…
  • And Iris actually made $1,199 before even buying!

(we’d given Iris a quick tip, she took action and immediately made a profit!)

You can go at your own pace.

And the true beauty is, every time you use it… you STACK your results, each time!

So there’s no more starting from scratch every time… the more you do it, the better your results!

We can't say exactly when you will make your first $1, or your first $2,079/week.

But what we CAN say for sure… this ISN'T a push button 'get rich quick' scheme.

This is about building a REAL business, making REAL money, for REAL folks… with as minimal effort
as humanly possible.

And most importantly…

This is better than ANY other alternative, better than anything you've seen for the past 5 or 10
years online... because it's finally, truly automated marketing and traffic… which STACKS.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Students Like Alex (English Is His Second Language) Took The Training And Went From Zero To A $19,200/Year Run Rate Within 42 Days!

And These Guys From Our Live Private Group Have All Made Hundreds, Thousands & Tens Of Thousands Per Month With 'Amplification' Using This Method.

(... this is just a handful of my successful students, who only had access to something 20% as powerful as what you're going to get!)

  • Alamin C
  • Amna S
  • Brent G
  • Jeffrey K
  • Joshua S
  • Justin W
  • Michael A
  • Ron N
  • Sandra J
  • Scott L
  • Yin C
  • Zan D

Now let’s talk some specifics…

How Do You Make $2,079+ Per Week With “Amplification”?

Here’s how it works. It’s real simple…

You get paid for connecting certain types of products and offers, with the people already looking
to buy them.

That’s where those simple websites come in.

(and don’t worry, there’s no need for any technical skill… if Jay can do it, you certainly can!)

The buyers comes through “Amplification” campaigns that are completely for you – more on that
in a moment.

Take a look at the ‘big picture’ here…


Select a proven offer to promote


Your link advertised across hundreds of high-traffic distribution channels within minutes


People click your link and buy


You get paid your commission


Rince, repeat, scale!

You Can Make $2,079/Week With Your Handful Of Simple Sites By Promoting Certain Types Of Products & Offers… And Automating 95% Of The Marketing Work!

Finally then… let’s answer that burning question.

How Can We… And Why Would We… Do The Marketing For You?

Introducing The World’s First & Only Amplification Engine…

The World’s First & Only “Amplification” Engine – Created To Automate Our
Most Powerful Traffic & Buyer Getting Method Inside Our Own Business!

We should tell you now…

AmpiFire was created for our own business – it’s unavailable to the public.

(However – you may be able to get access to AmpiFire if you keep reading… )

Once again…

Amplification is a very underground method of driving traffic and attracting buyers.

Very few people know about this method, but it makes a LOT of money for those who do it.

It’s all about getting an offer seen “everywhere, in every way”.

It’s also what the biggest companies do; like Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s…

… except WE do it with a laser-like focus to get faster results.

It also used to take a lot of work – roughly 14+ hours if we had to do it manually.

But now it takes just a few minutes thanks to the AmpiFire software.

Stack Multiple 14+ Hour Digital Marketing Campaigns
In Just A Few Minutes & Let AmpiFire Do The Work…

We needed it to be easy to use – in fact, if you ever filled in a form online, you can use AmpiFire.

Here’s how it works…

AmpiFire gets any product or offer seen all across the internet, automatically.

So you don’t need to create anything yourself.

AmpiFire distributes those pieces to some of the world’s biggest websites, automatically.

So you start getting buyers from places like this:

AmpiFire Automatically Creates Your Advertisements & Gets Them All Across The
Web – Getting Buyers To Your Sites From The Biggest Sites On The Internet!

Each piece contains a link to your website.

They’re seen by people actively looking to buy the offers you promote on your simple websites.

Those people visit your site, see the offer, click through and buy...

And you get paid for sending those new customers!

All you have to do is...

Follow The 2-Step Amplification Process Exploding
Our Students’ Profits To $2,079+ Per Week…

The 2-Step Process Is Simple…

Step #1 – Choose From A Selection Of Proven Offers…

Step #2 – Let AmpiFire Do The Marketing Work For You!

We’ve even removed all the guesswork in what to promote.

And that’s a very important point.

Because there are countless things to promote online – but not all are worth your time.

Some have competition that’s too high.

Some don’t have enough profit potential.

Some force you to compromise your integrity.

That’s not how you make the biggest profits with minimal effort humanly possible!

Which is why we follow...

Our ‘Simple But Strict’ Amplification Criteria:

  • LOW Competition
  • HIGH Profit Potential
  • HIGH Integrity

Following The Amplification Criteria Means:

  • You’ll Make The Most Profits For Your Time And Effort
  • You Don’t Need To Juggle Hundreds Of Offers (A Handful Will Do)
  • You Can Actually Feel Good About What You’re Promoting!

In reality – you can use AmpiFire to successfully & effectively promote anything online.

Our best students have seen massive 6-figure success promoting all kinds of things (that all follow
the criteria!)…

They’ve promoted eCommerce Products, Affiliate & CPA Offers, Digital & Local Businesses…

Amplification helps and grows everything.

Because More Traffic = More Profit.

And this can take you really far…

We Use This Ourselves! Just One Example Makes
$78,518.41 For Just 1 Hour Effort Every 3 Months…

We Use Amplification Ourselves – This Is A Low Maintenance Side
Project Alongside Our 8-Figure SaaS (Software As A Service) Company…

We built AmpiFire for ourselves, to completely automate our traffic and buyer generation.

There is so much opportunity out there though, we could never saturate it ourselves. Never.

So we decided to continue as we started – by sharing our best tools and methods, with those who
will benefit the most by using them.

If you’re interested, you can work more closely with us and we’ll even show you our list of exactly what to promote, for biggest profits ASAP… and how we find these amazing offers everywhere!

In fact, if you’re a beginner we’d recommend you start the same way our Top Students did.

1) Choosing from the list of products and offers we give you.

2) Let AmpiFire do the marketing work for you & power your business to $2,079/week

That way you can focus purely on what makes you the most money.

So Start by making your first $2,079+ per week following our proven process initially.

5x Reasons ANYONE Can Make
$2,079+ Per Week Doing This…

After working closely with over 10,000+ people, helping them fulfill their dream of creating a profitable online business... we know a thing or two about what it takes to help you succeed.

All you need here is a computer, an internet connection and your Reason Why in mind.

The method, the plan and everything else you need, we’re going to provide you with.

We’re giving you everything you need to get started – and everything you need to keep going.

  1. Here’s 5 Reasons I Know You Can Do This:

  2. 1. You don’t need any experience because we’ll show you everything step-by-step
  3. 2. You don’t need to buy any inventory or sell your own products
  4. 3. You don’t need to create anything (beyond telling AmpiFire what to promote)
  5. 4. You don’t need to be located just in the USA or Europe (you can be anywhere)
  6. 5. You don’t need any technical skills or special abilities

You’ve heard everything we have to say about how we help

How To Get To $2,079+ Per Week
Without Doing The Marketing Yourself…

As We Make Our World Debut Of AmpiFire – You’re Invited To Join Us For The $100k Shout Out!

Here’s What You Get When You Do:

“$100k Shout Out” 6 Week Live Training


The complete 6 week training program, giving you the step-by-step instructions you’ll need to build, stack and scale your profits like clockwork, using our Amplification method.

AmpiFire Enterprise Software Access

The World’s First & Only “Amplification Engine” – built to automate traffic generation in my own business. It’s unavailable to the public and you’re getting exclusive access and we’re completely waiving the setup fee.


AmpiFire Ultimate Profit Pack


You’re also getting enough “Fill In A Form” Amp Campaigns to hit $2,079+ profit per week. You’re going to get entire 14 Hour Amp Campaigns done – with just minutes of easy effort, each.

Done-For-You Authority Site

This unique website promotes your chosen offers to people who want to but them, so you can get paid for sending new customers. We show and give you everything, so you don’t need any tech skill at all.


Private “$100k Shout Out” Mastermind

Our private community where we crowd-sourced our most powerful tactics. Now you can be part of it too, getting cutting edge advice from us and our most successful users 'LIVE'.


The 90 Day “ROI” Roadmap

Responsible for creating more success stories than anything else we’ve done – this is, without a doubt, the best plan for getting that Return On Investment and hitting big profits within 90 days.


Dedicated 24/7 Coach & Concierge

You’ll never have to go far to get the answers and support you need. Your dedicated concierge team will COACH YOU on your business all the way to your personal profit targets… and beyond!


You Aren’t Alone On This Journey!

Students Like Alex (English Is His Second Language) Took The Training And Went From Zero To A $19,200/Year Run Rate Within 42 Days!

And These Guys From Our Live Private Group Have All Made Hundreds, Thousands & Tens Of Thousands Per Month With 'Amplification' Using This Method.

(... this is just a handful of my successful students, who only had access to something 20% as powerful as what you're going to get!)

  • Alamin C
  • Amna S
  • Brent G
  • Jeffrey K
  • Joshua S
  • Justin W
  • Michael A
  • Ron N
  • Sandra J
  • Scott L
  • Yin C
  • Zan D

$100k Shout Out Case Studies


See the stories and methods of some of our most successful users, breaking down their campaigns to get a little inspiration or simply to see what’s possible.

One-To-One Strategy Session

If you need ‘the plan’ tailored a little more to your unique situation, Jay and his expert team in London, UK have put aside time to help you forge your perfect personal strategy.




Your “$100k Shout Out” Training is all you need to get well into profit.

“AmpiFire LIVE” is an accelerator event, to get you to the next level.

You'll be able to scale bigger, faster and with less effort...

We’ll host this LIVE event in Barcelona, Spain on October 2nd and 3rd 2019.

Attendance is optional, but you have a free ticket set aside to join us!




  • $100k Shout Out 6-Week Live Training $4,995 Value
  • AmpiFire Enterprise Software Access $4,995 Value
  • AmpiFire Ultimate Profit Pack $12,215 Value
  • Done-For-You Authority Site $2,995 Value
  • The 90 Day “ROI” Challenge $1,995 Value
  • Private “$100k Shout Out” Mastermind $1,995 Value
  • Your Dedicated 24/7 Concierge $1,164 Value
  • BONUS #1: $100k Shout Out Case Studies $995 Value
  • BONUS #2: One-To-One Strategy Session $500 Value
  • BONUS #3: Your Ticket To AmpiFire Live $3,995 Value
  • TOTAL VALUE: $35,844


Option 1:
ONLY $7,500 $5,000 $995
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cards-01 cards-01

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One payment today, the next payment in 30 days time and the final payment in 60 days time.

cards-01 cards-01

  • Here’s What’s Going To Happen
    After You Place Your Order

  • 1. You’ll Be Taken To The Membership Setup Page Where You’ll Confirm The Details Of Your Membership & Your Account…
  • 2. You’ll Reserve Your Live Spot On The First $100k Shout Out Training Session (Starting Wednesday 24th) Where You’ll Discover How To Start Profiting Immediately…
  • 3. We’ll Guide You From Wherever You Are Right Now, All The Way To Having Your $2,079+ Per Week Business Running, With The Minimum Effort Humanly Possible, Over The Next 6 Weeks, Together – Over-The-Shoulder, By The Hand, Click By Click…

Why This Is The Best Investment You Could Make Right Now…

Why This Is The Best Investment You Could Make Right Now…

You can reap the rewards immediately, without the risk or the investment it took us to create this.

We built this traffic machine to grow our own business – and help new businesses. Existing businesses and struggling businesses hit profit ASAP.

That machine (AmpiFire) costs us $62,137 every month to develop and maintain; due to our ongoing development, in-house creation team and exclusive distribution deals.

The closest equivalent you could use today, does 10-20% of what AmpiFire does and charges a lot more (and still requires you to do the manual work).

With AmpiFire, you save yourself 14 hours of marketing work, every single time… while still getting all the results.

So you don’t have to buy any more special equipment or create any content yourself. You just tell the software what you want to promote, by filling in a very short and simple form online.

AmpiFire replaces an entire full-time marketing team – the kind the gurus forget, most people don’t have. So you can finally get enough traffic to make a real difference – and REAL PROFITS.

The Amplification Method you’ll discover and master through your “$100k Shout Out” training works better now, than ever – as everyone else flocks to other traffic sources, on the guidance of ‘marketing educators’ who lost touch a while ago.

We’re in the field and on the front lines every single day, putting this to work in our own business (an 8-figure SaaS company) and helping 10,000+ of our students do the same, with more success stories coming in every week.

If you join us for this unprecedented event, you become part of that success, our success... and we become part of yours.

Everything you need to build a $2,079+/week business and live life by your own design, is here.

We’re going to guide you through each step of the process.

We’ll provide simple, realistic action steps for you to follow.

We’ll take you virtually by the hand and show you, right down to the click, exactly what to do and when to do it.

You’ll get to watch over-the-shoulder, as we put our own campaigns together from scratch. You simply follow along and do the same.

If you want to promote your own product, email your new Concierge Team and they’ll tell you exactly how to do that. Otherwise choose from our list of recommended offers to make money with ASAP, when your training begins Wednesday 24th July.

Once the time reaches zero, we close the offer down… and we turn our focus back to helping our new students reach their own $2,079+ per week goals through Amplification.

So now’s the time for you to join us…


Option 1:
ONLY $7,500 $5,000 $995
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[YOU SAVED $6,505]

(Most People Take This Option)

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Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz