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The Truth Behind “eFormula”
Nobody Else Can Tell You &
The REAL Way To Scale A
7-Figure eCom Brand...

“eFormula” Before Watching This Video And
Reading ALL The Information On This Page In

Watch Me Grill Aidan Booth About eFormula LIVE And Ask The Hard Questions Everybody Else Is Too Shy To Ask...

WARNING! Aidan Booth’s eFormula launch is likely going to be the most hyped up launch of the year and most reviews out there don’t have a CLUE what the product is!

They’ll NEVER use it and they WILL NOT be telling you the truth...

I’ve known and worked with Aidan for over 10 years, we’ve spoken at length about this new eCommerce model, so I have a deeper insight into what he's doing.

I’ve also been paid $10,000’s per client, to consult for 7-Figure eCommerce brands and help them grow their traffic and sales, so I can tell you what works and what doesn’t.

That’s in addition to my 15+ years experience growing my own 8-figure company, having driven over 100,000,000+ visitors and millions in sales (including physical products).

Read the words on this page carefully and make sure to watch the videos – so you can be sure about your investment, if you choose to make it.

And if you DO decide to invest in eFormula, look carefully at the details of my eFormula Expansion Pack, to ensure we can turn your near-term gains into long-term success, together.

Let’s start with what they’re doing right in eFormula...

Aidan Booth is a very smart, successful business owner with years of experience

He has deep knowledge of eCommerce and effective traffic methods

He has invested over $500,000+ in making this possible

His methods and technology empower anyone to profit with eCommerce

The support and guidance is exactly what most beginners need

He’s revealing his internal processes generating him up to $300,000/mo

This is probably the SIMPLEST path to legitimate eCommerce profit I’ve seen

... and now I’m going to tell you what nobody else will.

eFormula Has Some Obvious Flaws

eFormula is a unique and proven new method to profit on Amazon by selling Wholesale products WITHOUT the drawbacks of dealing with suppliers, negotiating with wholesalers or even having to run and pay for traffic, like most other eCom models force you to.

You are effectively leveraging Aidan’s huge $500K+ logistics network, supplier relationships and warehousing team to generate your own profits.

However, there are still some issues...

Flaw #1 – You Face High Competition

One of my FIRST rules in business is to AVOID competition!

When a business model or opportunity is made “too easy”, a lot of people jump in and the advantage and opportunity quickly gets saturated.

By selling wholesale products on Amazon, while they are proven to sell, there isn’t much you can do to stand out so you’re forced into a high competition environment.

Without a clear way to stand out, there’s often no other way to win a sale than by lowering your price, which lowers your profits and then it’s a race to the bottom.

Sometimes the sheer size of the market’s demand can outweigh this (if taking e.g. 1% of the share of sales still nets good profits) and it can take some time to find these products.


Flaw #2 – You’re Building Other People’s Business

Since you’re selling other people’s products, they ultimately benefit and grow the most.

You could put the effort and skills you develop into selling your own products and keep a much larger profit margin.

You could also work directly with wholesalers and suppliers and potentially negotiate even better prices than what you can get with eFormula.

Amazon also treats the sales you make as ‘their customers’ and NOT your own, so it requires some creative strategies to increase Lifetime Customer Value (critical for eCom profits)

While it’s sometimes worth paying a higher price for the convenience and simplicity, you’re almost always going to be leaving some profit on the table.


Flaw #3 – You Can’t Control The Amazon Product Listing

By selling a wholesale product, you lose the opportunity to control or edit the product listing.

This means you give up the opportunity to improve conversions for the product and sell more.

Eventually you will want to scale beyond Amazon and that’s when it comes time to create your own product listings.

There are advanced underground tactics for creating listings that sell better and naturally get more traffic too, but they can’t be used on Amazon wholesale products.

They also won’t be taught in the eFormula course as I’m one of the few people in the world who know this strategy.


Flaw #4 – Ignores The Biggest Source Of Free Traffic

Amazon is no doubt a HUGE traffic source especially for high-converting buyer traffic, however, it’s far from the biggest traffic source online (even for buyers).

The biggest and best source of buyers dwarves Amazon’s traffic by about 30x !!!

In fact, Amazon itself uses this traffic source to get more than a quarter of its own visitors.

eFormula doesn’t teach how to tap into this traffic and it’s been my speciality for over 15+ years.

By leaving this traffic on the table you give up sales that are otherwise going to somebody else.


Flaw #5 – Leaves You Without Assets

Perhaps the biggest problem with selling wholesale products is the fact you aren’t building any assets for yourself or a brand.

Since you aren’t building your own assets, you’ll keep having to work hard as you aren’t gaining any leverage (note: this is the same reason most top affiliates end up selling their own offers).

eFormula will show you some tactics to start building your assets, which is an advantage.

However, the focus on simplicity might downplay the importance of building your own assets and making your life (and profits) easier long-term.

It is difficult to build your long-term assets when you’re having to follow all of Amazon’s rules.



There’s good and bad – it mostly depends on the person investing and their experience.

eFormula may be the best way for a beginner to get into eCommerce in 2024 – allowing you to tap into one of the biggest online industries with an abundance of opportunity, with the systems and processes usually reserved for 7-8 figure brands.

It emphasizes SIMPLICITY above everything else – effectively letting you ‘earn while you learn’ and scale with your profits, with MINIMUM RISK that’s controlled by you (unlike most other eCom models).

For Beginners it’s ideal because it removes just about every roadblock in an almost ‘point and click’ fashion, minimizes your risk and maximizes your advantage by tapping into their multi-million dollar infrastructure – and Aidan DOES know what he’s doing. Done consistently, this will surely generate the kind of profits you’ll be very comfortable with.

For Intermediates it’s useful because it cuts out a lot of noise and complication, you can focus on the 80/20 while saving yourself a LOT of time and money figuring out advanced logistics systems, team management, hiring, wholesale relationships and more… you’ll probably pick it up more quickly and get to scaling your profits faster.

For The Advanced I think it may be frustrating as the pace of the course is geared towards beginners, but you may be able to use it to spot new products, new niches, even learn a thing or two about their internal systems… AND/OR YOU MAY FIND MY EXPANSION PACK BELOW WORTH THE INVESTMENT ALONE.

Aidan has a proven track record of producing success stories across many types of business – but I know he has a special history with eCommerce, especially.

I’ve known him long enough to vouch for him 100% (even if his launches are hyped up a bit too much by affiliates who are just after commissions) and I can forgive him for glossing over some finer details, in the spirit of keeping things simple enough, it empowers people to TAKE ACTION and make profits.


While I think eFormula is good, it’s not perfect.

There ARE some missing pieces which, in my seasoned opinion, would make creating a 6-7 figure business with eFormula alone much more difficult, if not impossible for most.

As an 8-figure business owner, I know it’s important to focus on what you’re best at – and Aidan simply would NOT have had the time or resources to make this a truly COMPLETE business model, yet.

Fortunately, the critical areas he’s not been able to cover, HAVE been my focus for the past 15 years or so.

Which means you can now potentially have the support of two 8-figure entrepreneurs, our resources and experience… to build a truly COMPLETE eCom business in 2024, building on your initial successes with eFormula and reaching the next level, realistically.

Ignore these flaws – and you may see yourself spinning your wheels after a while.

Fix these flaws though, and you may have the best launchpad into eCommerce that exists today.


My main concern with eFormula is how it places you in direct competition with big brands and other sellers, with no apparent way to get an advantage over anybody else.

This would turn it into some kind of ‘dropshipping’ or ‘retail arbitrage’ model, which are notorious for being ridiculously competitive – returning minor profits.

However, as I spoke with Aidan and he told me more about the model and the unique twist eFormula provides… I realised there may be more similar here to what I do than I first realised.

After all, he is currently making up to $300,000 per month doing this – selling reputable products at good margins, with little to no risk…

There are TWO major factors that make me believe in the eFormula model:

1) Simplicity – In everything I teach, I keep it simple. In everything I do to get traffic and make sales online, I keep it simple. People over-complicate what it takes to make money.

eFormula has refined eCommerce down to its most simple and basic parts, like I’ve never seen before.

You select high demand products, buy them for a lower price and sell them for a higher price.


You aren’t restricted to any particular niche or category, you just go where the money is.

It is EXTREMELY flexible and you can pivot and scale very easily.

2) Leverage The other (not so secret) ‘secret’ behind how I built an 8-figure self-funded business from scratch, is Leverage i.e. getting bigger results with less time, effort, money, resource, difficulty etc.

One of my most successful programs (The Asigo System) gives people the leverage of having an 8-figure eService company running 95% of the business, so they can focus on sales and build their own profits.

Eformula does the same for eCommerce:

Brand Leverage – You sell products by established and trusted 7+ figure brands

Network Leverage – You benefit from Aidan’s relationships with suppliers as an 8-figure business

Logistics Leverage – You benefit from Aidan’s $500K+ investment into his warehousing setup

Human Resource Leverage – You get to use Aidan’s team of supply chain experts

Experience Leverage – You get to follow a process making Aidan up to $300k/mo

Data Leverage – You get to select from over 4,000+ products personally vetted by experts

Traffic Leverage – You instantly tap into existing buyer traffic without paying for ads

Conversion Leverage – You get to benefit from Amazon’s unbeaten conversion rates

I still don’t think this is necessarily a ‘complete’ business model, but I do see how it could help people generate a sizeable, scalable income.

It’s a bit like getting paid to learn the business, which is a rare and worthwhile opportunity.

Then if anybody wanted to then take it to the next level, that’s where the real money is made, as you add more traffic and get to scale with your own assets and advantages.

What Aidan has done, is encapsulate years of knowledge and experience into a thorough course.

It will shortcut all the mistakes and uncertainty and tell you exactly what to do; as if you were working on Aidan’s team yourself.

The more money you make, the more money Aidan will ultimately make, so he is EXTREMELY invested in making sure you succeed.

And it’s very simple.

So again, my only main concern is that it’s SO simple, the barrier to entry may be low enough to invite a lot of competition.

However, as with most things, I suspect most people won’t take action with this amazing opportunity so if you are dedicated, focused and consistent – use their support and ask questions – you should do well.

And when you do, I have something special to announce…

I’m Offering To Collaborate With A Limited Number Of eFormula Students To Level Up Their Business

I’ve Been Headhunted To Share My Underground Methods For Scaling eCommerce Businesses At Several Events Including A Private Mastermind In New York City Exclusively For 7-Figure Brands…

I’ve recently been focusing on helping 7-figure eCommerce companies scale, by using my underground traffic methods and conversion strategies – so I’m genuinely excited to see what eFormula can produce.

I strongly suspect eFormula will generate some huge success stories and I’m willing to help give you a leg up IF you remain dedicated, focused and consistent.

If You Are Beginner / Intermediate – I’d focus on the course 100% and follow it to the letter.

If You Are More Advanced – This is a rare opportunity for us to collaborate and grow your business.

:: Because if you decide to invest in eFormula through my link at the bottom of this page ::

Then I’m going to provide you with my custom-made, Exclusive eFormula Expansion Pack.

However, due to the sheer amount of time it’ll take me and my team to fulfil on this promise, I have to severely limit the number of people I can deliver this to.

Last time, over 100+ people applied for the extras I offered to provide.

And if 100% of people who invest in eFormula through my link below and claim my Expansion Pack, then I will lose money on this; since the cost to me will vastly outweighs any commissions I receive.

I believe this will, however, develop into some very valuable partnerships long-term.

I am also slightly counting on the inevitable fact, many people won’t take action (like the trolls online who will complain eFormula is a scam, but never actually followed the training or asked for help...)

So to be clear; I will receive a commission if you invest in eFormula through my link below, and I will use this to offset some of the cost it takes me to deliver this Expansion Pack.

More info below...


>> Only 100 6 Left <<

IMPORTANT: You MUST buy through my link at the bottom of this page to claim this Exclusive eFormula Expansion Pack. The commission I receive helps offset the cost of delivering these assets.



If you decide to invest in eFormula through my link at the bottom of this page and join me on this exciting new venture – I’ll give you everything I can to boost your traffic and profits and ensure you have the same advantage reserved only for 7 figure sellers.

NOTE: These assets will be delivered throughout the course as it progresses and new modules become available.

Element #1 – eFormula Rapid Fire Cheat Sheets

We’re going to take the eFormula course with you, and we’ll be taking expert notes along the way.

This will form our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so you’ll have the entire module “at a glance” right there at your fingertips – with the rock solid action points to complete, so you’ll make consistent progress.

We may throw in a few of our own strategies and advantages in there too!

Element #2 – Advanced Product Insight Reports

eFormula gives you a database of 1,000’s of products you can sell, but how do you pick the best ones? And how do you get an advantage over other eFormula students?

These guides will give you another level of insight, as our team will go through the products, do trend research, and give you more in-depth analysis about which products have the best possible chance of success and when. We'll go beyond eFormula and help increase your odds of success by picking winning products immediately.

Element #3 – The Expansion Engine Shortcut

If you choose to go beyond selling on Amazon and scale up, eFormula will help you do that… but what about getting your chosen products set up quickly with professional and high converting listings?

We're going to give you specific product description templates, headlines, and calls to action, which will boost your earning potential on sites like Google Shopping, Microsoft Shopping and Facebook Marketplace… so you can out-sell other eFormula students as though you were a professional copywriter and conversion expert!

Element #4 – 10 High Converting eCommerce Email Promotion Funnels

As you build your business, you'll want to build assets that keep paying you long-term. When you’re ready to scale into getting your own customers, you’ll need messages to send.

So I've hired a 7-figure copywriter to create 10 High-Converting email funnels in different categories for all your future promotions – the same expert who drove 7-figures through email in my own business! So you won’t have to write a word and you’ll still make more sales.

Element #5 – Azon 5 Minute Passive Income

While you'll be building your own physical product portfolios with eFormula, I'm going to also hand you a very special report by an Amazon Income Strategy Specialist; showing you how you can spend just 5 minutes building affiliate income on Amazon.

I’m told this tactic will INCREASE your chances of being seen and you only need your phone to do it – keep this close to your chest, as I’ve also been told not many people know about it! For just a little extra effort, you can generate more profits on the side.

Element #6 – A.I. For eCommerce Training

You’re also going to discover one of the most effective A.I. tools for rewriting effective emails and sales materials we’re providing you, to suit ANY product, category or niche, so you’re truly free and flexible in what you sell.

Use this tool the way we show you, and you’ll have A.I. producing your sales materials in minutes. This will help turn you into a scaling powerhouse, other eFormula students can only dream of.

Element #7 – Done-For-You Organic Traffic Content

When you’re ready to start expand and scale your business by adding more traffic and your own assets, I can show you how to get buyer traffic from the biggest and best source online (and where Amazon itself gets over 25%+ of its own traffic from!) and I won’t just show you… I’ll even do it for you!

This is what 7-figure eCom brands like Sole Fitness pay me $10,000’s per year to do for them – so this is a very rare offer and I’ll provide you with the same content, so you can get more traffic and sales, as if you were a VIP client of mine.

Element #8 – Underground eCom Hook Mixing Traffic Method

Our most powerful traffic strategy is something Amazon won’t let you use – but when you’re ready to level up and use eFormula’s Expansion Engine, we can unleash the full power of this method! And you will end up with product listings that not only convert more, they naturally attract more traffic too!

We’ve been able to double, triple, even 10X and more the traffic and sales of established eCommerce businesses using this, as we tap into pools of hungry buyers nobody else knows exist. Which means virtually zero competition sales for you and you alone!

Element #9 – 7-Figure Content Partnership

This is our biggest offer of all… which is why we can only offer it to certain people.

We are an 8-figure company, which handles the traffic and content marketing strategies of 7-figure businesses and eCom brands – we give them the plan and often provide a managed service, too.

We have a strict criteria of over $1,000,000+ in sales per year, before we’ll even have a meeting.

However – once you have a) completed the eFormula training and b) generated your first $100,000 using eFormula… we will set up a call, so we can advise you on your own tailor-made content strategy, create your plan and help you get more traffic and sales, as though you were already making 7-figures.

This is a rare and exclusive advantage only open to eFormula students who invest in the course through my link on this page!

My Exclusive eFormula Expansion Pack Is Essential For You To:

1. Maximize your advantage over other eFormula Students

2. Maximise your traffic, conversions and profits as you scale (with minimum added effort)

3. Take your eFormula business to the next level when you’re ready

4. Get the advantage of having TWO 8-figure entrepreneurs guiding you

5. Get access to the “Big Fish” resources usually only available to 7-8 figures (even if you’re a total beginner!)


>> Only 100 6 Left <<



See you in there,
Chris Munch

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